National health insurance (ÖGK)

National health insurance (ÖGK)

A summary of the measures taken by the national health insurance (ÖGK) to ensure liquidity of companies due to the consequences of the Corona Virus:

  • Companies with outstanding payments will not receive an overdue notice.
  • Partial payments, late payments or payments not fulfilled at all, will automatically be deferred.
  • Payments in instalments will be accepted without further requirements.
  • No collection measures will be implemented.
  • No insolvency filings will take place.
  • The national health insurance urges one to apply for compulsory insurance on time prior to commencement of work. Should there however be delays in the application due to the Corona Virus, there won’t be any further sanctions imposed.
  • The monthly contribution basis (i.e. your monthly salary) shall be sent to the national health insurance according to the usual deadlines.

It is our greatest priority to support and accompany you to the best of our capabilities through these challenging times. In case of any further inquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us via E-Mail or telephone.

All the best and above all stay healthy & safe!

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